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CICETE Delegation Investigates China Aid General Goods Programmes in Belarus and Azerbaijan

  20–26 September 2017Belarus andAzerbaijan Headed by Deputy Director General XiaoFenghuai, the CICETE delegation visited Belarus and Azerbaijan toinvestigate the implementation of China Aid General Goods Programmes from September20 to July 26, 2017.

  Duringthe visit, the delegation met with the persons in charge of the recipient departmentsand visited the implementation sites of China Aid programmes of the saidcountries. Through the field investigation, the delegation got the first handdata on the implementation progress and after-sale service of the programmes.

  In the end of the visit, thedelegation delivered reports to the Chinese embassies and commercial counsellors’offices of the two countries and exchanged views on the management and inspectionof China Aid General Goods programmes.

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