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Annual Conference for Xinjiang Poverty Alleviation & Clean Water Initiative Held

On March 22nd, the Annual Conference for Xinjiang Poverty Alleviation & Clean Water Initiative (CWI) was held in Urumqi. Program Officers from Xinjiang Office of Leading Group of Poverty Alleviation and Development(LGPAD) , Education Department, and Health and Family Planning Department of Xinjiang, Coca-Cola China Beverages Limited (CCCBL), One Foundation and CICETE attended the conference.

National Project Director of Xinjiang Office of LGPAD and Project Director of One Foundation reported the implementation of CWI in 2017. Then, the various parties attending the conference had detailed discussion on the problems encountered and suggestions for the project, and 2018 Annual Work Plan as well.

CWI was initiated by CICETE, UNDP, CCCBL, One Foundation and Xinjiang Office of LGPAD, along with the participation of Education Department, Health and Family Planning Department of Xinjiang. Under the Initiative, water purifiers and water bottles, along with training on healthy water-drinking habits, were given to primary school and kindergarten students of the impoverished rural areas in Xinjiang, with the aiming of improving the quality of drinking water for children in rural Xinjiang, and contributing to Xinjiang’s overall poverty alleviation and development.

In 2017, 40 water purifiers and 12,485 water bottles were distributed to 27 primary schools and 13 kindergartens of South Xinjiang under the Clean Water Initiative, benefiting 12,856 students and teachers, among them 5,231 students are from nationally designated poor households. In 2018, CWI plans to donate 50 more water purifiers to schools in 11 towns of South Xinjiang, with an estimate of around 17,000 beneficiaries including ethnic minority students and teachers, supporting Xinjiang’s poverty alleviation and sustainable development .

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